Saturday, July 14, 2012

Keep to the beta - more punometrics

In this subject make sure
That you don't lose the plot
It will give you some clues,
Likely as not
Make sure you're aware
Of what causes what
For modelling it well
Surely matters a lot.

There are many symbols around
Alphas, gammas and betas
Deltas and rhos, and pi's, chi's and thetas
Upper and lower, two cases of sigma
To sum up it's hard, a right old enigma.

You've got hats, you've got bars
And one or two stars
You've got F's, you've got t's
And hypotheses
Reject or accept
You will need to decide
Both tails to be used
Or only one side?

You need to regress
So you can progress
Good results will impress
And give you success

So keep to the beta
It will make your life sweeter
For nothing is better
Than this famous Greek letter.


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