Friday, February 19, 2010

Facebook econometricians

In one of my ECONMET computer workshops this week I discovered that some students were looking at Facebook rather than working on their econometrics practical exercises. I told them that they could glance at Facebook every now and then but only AFTER they had obtained their regression results, and for no more than 5% of the class time.

This morning I saw that one of them had started to use some econometrics words on his Facebook wall (but, he said, it would be no more than 5% of them !!). This "inspired" the following reply (say it like a rap!).

"Don't be bombastic
It's way too drastic
To write stochastic...
Or heteroskedastic
It's way too classic
For Facebook traffic
Just stick to plastic
Or strong elastic
Don't try to boot-lick
Or be hedonic
Trust me to nitpick
It's just the metric"