Sunday, March 28, 2010

Econometric poetry

Following my recent postings of a poetic nature I have been contacted by Professor Joachim Grammig of the University of Tuebingen in Germany telling me about the wonderful website that he and his team have devoted to Econometric Poetry. Lots of good ones there. Please take a look.

Monday, March 22, 2010


As a follow up to Carry on Regressing, We are the disturbances, Heteroskedasticity Blues and Facebook econometricians I give you "Bootstrapping"

Ten thousand iterations, that should be enough
Can't rely on asymptotics or any of that stuff
Let's work our simulation, set our random seed
And run the batch program, because of the need

For bootstrapping

Resample the data many thousands of times
Get a sampling distribution along the right lines
Its computer intensive but that's what we love
No need for large sample mathematical proofs

Wer'e bootstrapping
Just bootstrapping

Professor Bradley Efron, he showed us the way
With Robert Tibshirani from the US of A
Statisticians and doctors, economists too
Medical scientists, they all want to do

Lots of bootstrapping

Guy Judge
March 2010